1. Thank you for this amazing article! So helpful!

    1. Hi Duka, I am glad to hear my article was helpful and that you enjoyed the hike! More articles coming up about other hikes, stay tuned:)

  2. jagdish y bhandarkar says:

    The directions you gave on the wadi shawka trek from the dam to the shawka pools were spot on. Thanks to the very informative narrative we had a lovely hike. Please keep up the good work and inform us about other trails.

    1. Hi Jagdish, thank you for your kind words, and I am glad my post was helpful. Also, am glad you enjoyed hiking at Wadi Shawka, it is indeed a beautiful place. And, yes, I will be posting more soon about other trails around the UAE.

  3. Hi there…im just a fan of your blog.. I did some treks in uae. I’m looking for shawka pools …by your opinion..with are the most beautiful and clean nature pools on Emirates?? Next week I wanna find some nice food ones…..thanks for your time

    1. Hi Luis, thank you for your kind words:) I would not trust the cleanness of Shawka pools since there are so many visitors nowadays. I have visited wadi Abadilah recently and it has a water stream running through the farm. Of course, you can’t swim in it, unlike in Shawka pools, but it is worth checking out. I advise going to Abadilah on a weekday, as it gets quite busy too during the weekend).

  4. Hi there, what a informative article and guidance for the visit to spot.

    I am as beginner but it’s exciting once I read your experience.

    Thank you

    1. Thank you Shahaji, hope you will enjoy the hike, it is really an amazing place :)

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