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  1. Hi,

    Thank you for putting each precise detail about the travel to Oman.

    I am looking to travel to Oman by road from Dubai and would mostly be taking the Hatta – Al Wajajah Border. My travel date is on 19th February, 2022. As per the information you provided, it seems the Hatta – Al Wajajah border is currently open. However, given the frequent changes to the land border accessibility due to Covid, I would like to know whether the border is open just before I start the travel.

    Do you have any official contact number using which I can get the information?

  2. Hi Shivam, I am glad you found the information on this post helpful. Yes, as of the date of writing, Hatta- Wajajah border is open. I do not have the contact number of the border, but when I googled, I got these ones listed +971 4 852 1002 and 800 5111. Never tried calling so cannot comment, maybe you can share your experience later. Hopefully the borders stay open 🙂

  3. Hi,

    I am in need of a border run for a visa renewal for a colleague. We will drive from Abu Dhabi, can we exit the UAE, enter Oman, renew the visa all within the same day, or do we need to stay in Oman for at least a day to renew it? If it’s all in a day, can I use the same UAE PCR test to exit and enter the UAE? Thank you.

  4. Hi,

    Is it required to stay overnight in Oman to do the visa run? Or can we exit the UAE, do the Oman visa process and enter the UAE back all in the same day? Thank you.

  5. Hi, Curious Traveller, regarding visa run, it depends which passport you hold, if that is the procedure you can do. But those people who are allowed to do visa runs, don’t need to stay in Oman, they just cross the border and come back immediately. PCR should be valid, at least it was last month for 14 days.. Try contacting some of those companies who help with visa runs, they should know all the latest info.

  6. Dear Ausra,

    Great information which is really helping me to plan my trip probably in a week from now. I am driving my friend’s car, therefore, would like to know what kind of NOC is required? Is there any specific format?

    Secondly, Are you sure if travel insurance is required ? As few of my friends travelled recently to Oman from UAE but they didn’t told me anything about this requirement.

    In any case what is the cost of travel insurance for a month?


  7. Hi Shoaib, I am glad you find this information helpful. Regarding NOC format, I honestly don’t know, try calling the insurance company and ask for advice, or maybe RTA. I am guessing it is just a written printed and signed form stating all the details of the owner and the person borrowing the car, car details, and saying that the owner does not object to their car being driven by that person, contact details of both parties as well. Regarding travel insurance, that is information officially stated across many sources, such as airlines and news sites. I was not asked at the border for health insurance, but this is one of the requirements (not sure why for a month though, maybe because of the visit visa length). The cheapest option so far is with Safety Wing- there is a link to it in this post if you scroll up. The price will be defined according to your age (you will be able to see it once you fill out the details), it is around 40 USD for a month.

  8. Hi, I want to travel from Muscat to Musandam by car and then further to Dubai.
    First what kind of visas do I need as I will re-enter oman and also UAE?
    Second what is the best option for PCR-testing there? Can I do it at the border or should I do it in Muscat?
    Kind regards

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