1. Shivam Barve says:


    Thank you for putting each precise detail about the travel to Oman.

    I am looking to travel to Oman by road from Dubai and would mostly be taking the Hatta – Al Wajajah Border. My travel date is on 19th February, 2022. As per the information you provided, it seems the Hatta – Al Wajajah border is currently open. However, given the frequent changes to the land border accessibility due to Covid, I would like to know whether the border is open just before I start the travel.

    Do you have any official contact number using which I can get the information?

    1. Hi Shivam, May I know if this border is still open ? Is it open for expatriates?
      I was looking at Google maps and I could see its mentioned as permanently closed.
      Can you please confirm as I would like to travel in the coming weekend.

  2. Hi Shivam, I am glad you found the information on this post helpful. Yes, as of the date of writing, Hatta- Wajajah border is open. I do not have the contact number of the border, but when I googled, I got these ones listed +971 4 852 1002 and 800 5111. Never tried calling so cannot comment, maybe you can share your experience later. Hopefully the borders stay open :)

    1. Thank you for this information. So much details takes all the confusion out of travelling. I had a question… I am flying to the uae on a visit visa and want to travel to oman by roaf for a week and then fly out. Applied for evisa for both countries. According to your post… I should take the Hatta border… tourist are allowed to use this border along with residents and citizen… is there a separate entrance for tourists? Would really appreciate some help and any contact number for information on this in oman.

    2. hi there, thanks for the informative blog.
      can I ask how much is the car insurance and can I get it from the border as well?

    3. Which is nearby border if I’m traveling from Dubai to Salalah

  3. Curious Traveller says:


    I am in need of a border run for a visa renewal for a colleague. We will drive from Abu Dhabi, can we exit the UAE, enter Oman, renew the visa all within the same day, or do we need to stay in Oman for at least a day to renew it? If it’s all in a day, can I use the same UAE PCR test to exit and enter the UAE? Thank you.

  4. Curious Traveller says:


    Is it required to stay overnight in Oman to do the visa run? Or can we exit the UAE, do the Oman visa process and enter the UAE back all in the same day? Thank you.

    1. Hi, great and very detailed information. Thank you for helping with this amazing data. I am interested to go in that area where there is no requirements (eg visa, boarder permit). Is this Madha? Can I drive directly there? Is any document which I need? Anything which can be done in that area?

      1. Hi Danielle, you don’t need any permit or visa to enter Madha. There is no border or post control. The only difference you may notice will be Oman plate number and the signal of your mobile network may disappear or switch to roaming.

  5. Hi, Curious Traveller, regarding visa run, it depends which passport you hold, if that is the procedure you can do. But those people who are allowed to do visa runs, don’t need to stay in Oman, they just cross the border and come back immediately. PCR should be valid, at least it was last month for 14 days.. Try contacting some of those companies who help with visa runs, they should know all the latest info.

  6. Dear Ausra,

    Great information which is really helping me to plan my trip probably in a week from now. I am driving my friend’s car, therefore, would like to know what kind of NOC is required? Is there any specific format?

    Secondly, Are you sure if travel insurance is required ? As few of my friends travelled recently to Oman from UAE but they didn’t told me anything about this requirement.

    In any case what is the cost of travel insurance for a month?


  7. Hi Shoaib, I am glad you find this information helpful. Regarding NOC format, I honestly don’t know, try calling the insurance company and ask for advice, or maybe RTA. I am guessing it is just a written printed and signed form stating all the details of the owner and the person borrowing the car, car details, and saying that the owner does not object to their car being driven by that person, contact details of both parties as well. Regarding travel insurance, that is information officially stated across many sources, such as airlines and news sites. I was not asked at the border for health insurance, but this is one of the requirements (not sure why for a month though, maybe because of the visit visa length). The cheapest option so far is with Safety Wing- there is a link to it in this post if you scroll up. The price will be defined according to your age (you will be able to see it once you fill out the details), it is around 40 USD for a month.

  8. Geraldine says:

    Hi, I want to travel from Muscat to Musandam by car and then further to Dubai.
    First what kind of visas do I need as I will re-enter oman and also UAE?
    Second what is the best option for PCR-testing there? Can I do it at the border or should I do it in Muscat?
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Geraldine, depending on your residency visa, and/or passport (not sure if you are a tourist to both countries or a resident of one of them), you will need visit visas for UAE and Oman (maybe you passport allows visa on arrival which makes things simple). If you don’t have multiple entry visas, you will have to get UAE visa to enter UAE first, and then Oman visa again to enter Musandam. On the way back from Musandam, you again have to get UAE visa, and the same applies to Oman visa if you are traveling back to Muscat. You must check entry rules according to your passport. Oman visa can be easily obtained online in advance. UAE, I am not sure as I am a resident of UAE. Regarding PCR, UAE requires it to be not more than 48 hours old, while Oman – not more 72 hours old. You would have to check if you can use the same PCR test that you have done in Oman to go to UAE and then to Musandam (I would believe you should be able to). However, I don’t know if you can do PCR at the border. I would better do it in Muscat if I was you. Note that you may have to do another PCR in Musandam (Khasab most likely) to go back to UAE. And hopefully, you can use the same result to go back to Muscat if it is within 72 hours. Let me know how it goes once you have done your trip.

  9. Thank you for this information. So much details takes all the confusion out of travelling. I had a question… I am flying to the uae on a visit visa and want to travel to oman by roaf for a week and then fly out. Applied for evisa for both countries. According to your post… I should take the Hatta border… tourist are allowed to use this border along with residents and citizen… is there a separate entrance for tourists? Would really appreciate some help and any contact number for information on this in oman.

    1. Hi Shabeena, yes Hatta border which is called Al Wajajah, is open for everyone and there are no separate entrances- the same way and entrance for both citizens and residents. Google shares this number for Oman side Hatta border: +968 26 849920 I never called borders before so not sure how it works, but you are welcome to try.

  10. Ali Shahbaz says:

    Hi, I am planning to travel Oman with my family (wife & 3 kids) kids ages are 14, 10, and 3 years. my car is a leased car from bank and insurance has Oman cover and medical insurance has covid cover.

    Please confirm the following, which will help me to travel without any hassle;
    1. Exit fee from UAE (AED 35) per passport
    2. Still I need travel insurance
    3. Still I need to get Orange Card
    4. I need to get NOC from Bank or it is fine to go without the same
    5. what age is exempted from PCR & Vaccination
    6. Is there any online fee to register on travel site

    1. Hi Ali, answering yur questions below:
      1. Exit fee is per person
      2. According to official requirements, yes
      3. I believe so, insurance company will provide it free of charge (it was our case- we had cover,they just issued the paper)
      4. Kindly ask the bank, but when I traveled with my leased car years ago, I didn’t have NOC from the bank and it was fine.
      5. I do not know the exact age, but I have heard small kids are.
      6. Registering on the travel site is freem just have all you pcr test results and vaccine papers ready to be uploaded (I believe you refer the Oman website for travel registration)

  11. Hello. I am traveling from London to Dubai then by car to zighy bay. Have the pcr rules changed now to 48 hours rather than 14 days?
    I’m worried about testing positive whilst at zighy bay when taking the pcr in order to travel back to Dubai.
    I expect there will be lots of kids at hotel who haven’t been vaccinated or tested as under 12.
    Do you know what would happen to me and my family if I did test positive?

    1. Hi Rachel, I haven’t heard or seen articles about changes so far. The best would be to ask the hotel in Zighy Bay, they must be aware of the most recent rules. In the unlucky scenario, if the test comes out positive, you would have to quarantine in Oman most likely.

  12. hi my wife and 3 kids are uk citizen and would like to have visa run to oman via road . could you please guide more about it . as they will get 30days more visa to stay in uae.. after having an in out from uae. need your kind advise

    1. Hi Ahmed, I am not fully aware on visa run process as I have never done it before. However, I have heard that certain nationalities just have to cross Oman border and drive in back again. They don’t even need to stay in Oman. It is done as quickly as half a day almost. Also, there used to be companies you take people by bus for visa run purposes for some fee, not sure if they still around though.

  13. Hi

    Thanks for the detailed information.

    Am travelling to Musandam with my 5 year old daughter tomorrow — does she require a PCR test as well?


    1. Hi Burzis, kids do not need PCR test according to Oman Air covid regulations.

  14. Hi
    Thanks for very concise details about a road trip from Dubai to Oman.

    I have 2 questions:
    1. If I have a PCR test done in Dubai 72 hours before arriving to Oman, can I use the same test to re-enter the UAE? Or do I have to do another test in Mussandam?

    2. When you say we need travel insurance, is this just medical insurance? Our policy covers us internationally.


    1. Hi Ruth, answering your questions below:
      1. You can use the same test to come back to Dubai, it will be valid for 14 days (somebody went to Oman and back using the same test just a week ago, so the same procedure is still in place).
      2. Yes, it is medical insurance covering covid-19.
      Enjoy your trip!

  15. Hamza Shafique says:

    This post was so helpful- I planned my entire trip following this- thanks a lot- God bless

  16. This is such a helpful forum, thanks everybody!

    However I still have a question. Is there maybe someone who recently crossed the Mezyad border crossing (from Oman to UAE) and if so, could you please tell if they accept 14 day pcr test or not?

    1. Hi Essie, someone I know crossed Hatta border a couple of weeks ago, and 14 days PCR was valid. However, the Mezyad border is part of Abu Dhabi emirate, and they have different rules when it comes to PCR validity. Therefore it’s worth checking the latest rules for entering Abu Dhabi.

  17. Shabeer Ismail says:

    Can i cross mazyad border by walking.. i have all the documents.. because my family will wait me in the oman side.. is it possible to go by walking

    1. Hi Shabeer, I believe you should be able to walk through the border, but I do not know 100%. The best is to call the border and ask if this is allowed. Also, check the distance between UAE and Oman border posts. The Mezyad border seems to be less than 2 km between the checkpoints, but others, like Hatta Al Wajajah or Khatam Al Shiklah are far away from each other (not a walking distance).

  18. Mohammed Iqbal says:

    I am Indian citizen working in UAE with UAE residence. I am planning to travel through Khatmat Al Shikla border to Oman and same day planning to visit back to UAE (Fujairah) through Khatmat Malahah border. Is this possible?

    1. Hi Mohammed, yes, you can enter Oman through one border and leave through the other border. Both are open as far as I know.

  19. Sharmista says:

    Great detailed information. Thank you. Any idea how much the visa for Oman costs? Also what are some interesting 1 day things to do in Oman considering i will enter from Hatta Al Wajajah border.

    1. Dear Sharmista, please read my post were I mention visa costs and link to where to get the visa from. Also, please visit my blog post about 7 days Oman itinerary (link shared at the end of this post) where you can find many awesome things to do in Oman. In one day your best bet is to visit Musandam instead of mainland Oman. But if you are going to mainland Oman through Hatta border, then you can visit Muscat. Check my post about what to do in Muscat.

  20. Hi, Thank you for compiling this very useful information. Would it be possible to take up this trip during April (Ramadan). Also would it be possible for a non vaccinated ( senior citizen) to do this trip with a PCR negative result.

    1. Hi Abraham, you can travel to Oman during Ramadan as well, the only thing that may not be as pleasant is the hot weather. Regarding unvaccinated travelers, I am not sure what would be the procedure- I could not find any precise online information about this matter. But I believe with a negative PCR test you can enter. As far as I have heard, quarantine was also removed. The best would be to call Oman Airlines, or Oman immigration and check with them as they would have the exact latest updates.

  21. TJSiddique says:

    This is indeed a great blog with clear guidelines for the new travelers – Thank you!

  22. Wonderful blog.. have visited oman many times and still its confusing. Esp now with the covid rules. Quick question is Medical insurance mandatory for 30days?

    1. Hi Johnson, thank you. Regarding medical insurance, this is information provided on the Omanair website as one of the entry requirements.

  23. Thank you Ausra, this is a very good guide travelling to oman.

    i have 1 question. There used to be a short term 10-days tourist visa for 5 OMR (13 USD) available to purchase at the border. do you know if this is available again in the border?

    1. Hi Janijoy, I am not sure about this. If you have travelled and already find out, can you please let me know if you managed to get one? Indeed it was useful, but now I was only seeing option for 20 OMR 30 days tourist visa online.

  24. Hi,
    I am planning to travel from Oman to UAE on coming week by road.
    My passport validity only 5 month. There is any issue for this?

    1. Hi Basher, you must check the official requirements on the Oman visa website. If it states that passport validity must be more than 5 months (usually it is 6 ), then you might have a problem.

  25. Hi, I’m planning to visit Oman for 3 days. still do i need to get COVID-19 covered (Insurance)? please advise

    1. Hi Yousef, insurance requirement is provided by Oman air website and it does for some reason require one month coverage.

  26. Hi,

    I am planning to travel with my family from dubai to oman. I want to know if there will be any stay area or restrooms on the way.

    1. Hi Usama, if you are travelling from Hatta border to Muscat, take the old road that is closer to the coats- there are plenty of restaurants along the way. Ehile the newer and a bit faster road going to Muscat doesn’t even have petrol stations (at least we haven’t seen any for many kilometer after crossing the border).

  27. What is nearest border from Dubai to salalah

  28. I want Visa run through mazeyad borders with my wife and 2 children,which documents required, and PCR test required for both adult and child?

    1. Hi Ibrahim, I believe PCR for children under a certain age is not required (16 and below, but please check online on Omanair website for exact age)

  29. Hai,

    I need to know if I’m traveling with company car do I need to get NOC.

    1. Hi Aby, you will need NOC if car is not under your name

  30. HI Ausra, if I travel 10 June from Abu Dhabi to Oman , please tell me how much fees for border cross and others .

  31. Hi, thank you for such a detailed and informative post.
    Can you please advise if its better to use UAE issued Debit/Credit card in Oman or do we need to carry Omani Riyal purchased from some Money Exchange in UAE before travel? Thanks.

  32. The information here was so helpful and accurate during our trip to Musandam through Al Dhara border post. I’m sure this will assist any traveler who has a plan to visit alone or with a group.

  33. Azeemuddin says:


    I have visit visas of Oman and UAE. I m traveling from India to Muscut, staying 4 days then I m planning to travel via Road to the UAE. As one of my friend he is expat of Dubai having UAE residence visa, own car. Can I travel to UAE from Wajjah Hatta Border using my Tourist Visa UAE.

    Please advise.

    1. Hi Azeemuddin, you can travel to UAE crossing Wajajah Hatta Border using your UAE Tourist Visa.

  34. Hi, is there any minimum period of Mulkiya (car registration) validity checked at the border ? Can I still travel to Oman for visa run if my mulkiya is valid for one week only ?

  35. Hi, is there any minimum mulkiya validity checked at the border ?

    1. Hi Ihsan, not that I have heard of, please let us know if you find out otherwise.

    2. Hi Ihsan,

      Do you have any details on the minimum registration validity while traveling to Oman by road? Please let me know. Thanks

  36. Hello, great info. I need advise, I have residence visa in oman and it’s still active till sept, but now I’m in uae and with a residence visa. Can I go back at oman without hassle and what are the needed documents to bring along with.. I’ll go Thru border by road and come back again to uae after holidays

    1. Hi Jonrey, please contact immigration for this matter to give you a clear answer. I can only guess that if your Oman residency has not been canceled, you should be able to travel, but I am not sure how you can have two valid residencies at the same time?

  37. I just renewed my vehicle registration on 12-July and wait for physical registration card. Now I plan for a week to Oman starting from 16 July. So will there be issue with electronic copy of registration at border crossing ?

    1. Prasad, I believe electronic registration should be valid, make sure you also have insurance for driving in Oman (orange card), or you can purchase one at the border as well.

  38. Hi Ausra,
    Great post. Thankyou.
    I’m travelling to Zighy Bay this weekend by car from Dubai and my insurance does not have Oman presently covered in the policy. I was advised by my broker that I can purchase an Orange Card at the border at Dibba Corniche for aprox AED100. Is this correct? I don’t want to be left disappointed at the border because we do not have the necessary documentation.

  39. Hello,

    I do not have time to read all the comments, so sorry if this has been addressed already.

    I am trying to figure out the reverse: how does it work and how easy is it to go from the Musandam peninsula in Oman to Dubai (UAE) for foreigners (French and American) via the Al Dharah border?
    Can we get a visa on arrival for the UAE?
    Do we need to do it in advance?

    Thank you.

  40. Hi shoaib,

    Can u send me the sample or tell the details need in noc for taking friend car to Oman…. Is it obtained from any govt authority?

    1. Hi Nadheer, I believe it is a free form you ask your friend to write to you acknowledging that you can take his/her car through the border. Make sure to include your friends’ signature and passport copy or emirates id copy.

  41. Hi, dear Ausra;
    I had a few questions for you to improve my trip
    I have Iranian nationality. For myself, my wife and my daughter who is under 5 years old, I got a multi-Dubai tourist visa with a two-month stay.
    I also got a 10-day Oman tourist visa online for myself and my family.
    1.Can I rent a car from Dubai to travel from Dubai to Muscat and back?
    What documents should I receive from the car rental agency?
    What fees do I have to pay?
    2.Is travel insurance mandatory for me and my family?
    If forced, should I buy insurance from the two sites you introduced?
    3.Are the departure fees and UAE taxes included for tourists?
    4.Is it necessary to register and fill out the travel form?
    If forced, from which site should I apply?
    And that you have a very good site with lots of content

  42. hi – very helpfull page. Can someone recommend me a car rental company in abu dhabi which allows crossing the border ?



    Information is depth and in simple language. Thanks for this detail. Almost everything is clear now.

    I just wants to inquire that i have 1800 CC 2WD Sedan car. Is this ok to travel to Muscat, What about road/journey to the muscat?

    If i want to travel to any mountain, Not Jebel Akhdar, Can i go with this car.

    1. Hi Mohammad,

      You can drive 2WD to Muscat, the road is highway. You might be able to go to some mountains, where it is paved, but not extreme offroad.

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