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How to make your travel photographs stand out from the crowd

Let’s get your creative juice flowing! Here you will find inspiration, tips and tricks that will help you to improve your photography skills. There are many parameters that come into play when creating good photograph- technical knowledge is an essential part, but as I say, it is only 20% of the whole process. The rest 80% is you! In this The Road Reel blog section you will find articles not only about some basic stuff to take off, but also unusual and more comprehensive topics discussing many important elements of photography (light, composition, color, timings, cultural aspect, interacting with your subject,

photography while travelling, and many more).

DRONE Photography

If you want to broaden your viewing perspective even further, I prepared a separate Aerial Photography section to show the world from the bird’s view. Drone photography and films is a new thrilling medium for me that became just as important as my “in-hand” camera (currently shooting on mirrorless Nikon Z6). Being able to lift a camera up in the sky and see the world from above with its full beauty- shapes, textures, colors, forms- is fascinating and mind blowing.

The Starting Point

I picked up my very first DSLR camera a decade ago and took it to my very first independent Interrail trip to Italy. I was both new to travelling on my own (no travel agency involved) and using a digital camera. Being a newbie who never went to photography school or heard of a famous exposure triangle (shutter, aperture and ISO), I had to embrace a sudden and steep learning curve as I wanted to master that mysterious “M” mode and all other imagery secrets. Back in the days, there weren’t much of online information available that would wrap everything up in a quick 10minute photography basics’ tutorial (oh man, it would have saved me from so many frustrations along the way). Nevertheless, by error and trial and with a help of asking around those who knew the technical stuff packed into that black magic box, I started to move forward and get better day by day.

All that being said, there is no roof for growing your skill set and training your eye for photography.One thing that I can’t stress enough is that you learn by practice and analyzing- the more you shoot, and review yours and other people’s

work-the better you will get. There is always something new to discover in the world of photography.

Let’s dive deeper and make your travel photography shine!


Need some inspiration? Scroll through some selected travel shots of mine from different destinations




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