1. Thank you for your great description of the tour. My 7 year old son and myself (proud dad) had a fantastic day.
    During daylight the way down was actually quite ok, but I can imagine your hassle in the dark.

    1. Hi Michael, I am glad you enjoyed the hike and that my description was useful! Your 7 years old sun must be a hiking expert to complete this hike. I have to admit it wasn’t an easy one for me at all. Yes, the night hike down was a bit of an adventure (wouldn’t repeat thought:) And I am guessing we missed on some nice views too.

  2. hi Ausra, thanks for your good description of the trail! I went out alone (big mistake!) with the intention of only hiking as far as Hanging Gardens but then upon reaching the Hanging Gardens (which were beautiful!), I decided to continue to the top (again big mistake!) on my own. Your descriptions helped me tremendously to navigate my way up to the top but unfortunately I ended up reaching the summit only at 4PM, 1 hour before sunset due to stopping to take drone videos and photographs along the way. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the so called donkey trail or an alternative safe way down. The terrain was steep and difficult to navigate. (I also didn’t have the GPS coordinates or the Wikiloc app, because I didn’t originally plan to continue to the top.) Eventually, when I realized that I wasn’t going to get down safely in the dark and with no trail to follow I ended up calling the search and rescue guys to air lift me off the mountain. It was a crazy experience but I’m very grateful to the amazing team from the SAR!! I’d like to go back and do it again, better prepared next time, with a friend and with a planned route down.

  3. Hi Ruan, waw, it was quite a bit of adventure for you. In fact, exactly the same thing happened to us, minus the helicopter. But we were at the top of the mountain, at the abandoned village (as you can see in photos) at sunset time. By the time we started looking for a donkey path, which indeed isn’t very clear, it was quite dark. We ended up spending another 3 hours climbing down, getting lost, and it is not an easy climb. We were at the parking lot by 11 pm… I had wikiloc downloaded, it was going crazy due to a bad internet connection, and we were deviating from the path, but it definitely helped to navigate in the dark. Toward the end, wikiloc decide to give up on us and just died, showing a white screen. Since Internet wasn’t available, we lost our navigation system, but luckily we were close enough to the ground to find the way.

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