1. Hi guys, thank you for your comment. It is definitely one of the easy “wow” hikes. If you short on time, this one makes a perfect half-day nature gateway.

  1. Hey I knew your name from wikiloc, we followed your trail for Fossil Rock, it rocks!!! TYSM <3
    Actually looking for next easy trails to follow and found your blog. Please keep the suggestions coming, highly appreciate your work here 🙂

    1. Hi Nik, thank you for your comment. More hikes are coming up on the blog very soon. Including easy ones 🙂

  2. Hi Ausra hope you doing great. I am planning to camp and which point here you would suggest for camping.

    1. Hi Samad,
      thank you for your comment, and I hope you are doing great too. I haven’t camped there myself but I was considering it as it looked quite appealing as a camping spot. Once you reach those cracked lands, you will have many options to choose from. There are many small rocks on the ground at that place, so you might have to look for some smoother surface. Enjoy!

  3. Thank you Ausra. I follow you in wikiloc also . Couldn’t find any camping trail . Can you suggest any camping location with in 4-5km range.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Samad, on this trail, you can find a spot to camp within 4-5 km range. There is no designated area but there is enough flat surface to find a spot. Alternatively, you can check out Hebs village hike. There is a great camping spot after climbing up ~2km of staircases and setting your tent at the first mountain settlement. Please check this link to Hebs village hike: https://www.theroadreel.com/best-uae-hiking-trails-hebs-village

  4. Sure will check that out.

  5. Love all of your posts, super helpful! FYI, we tried this one this morning for a sunrise hike (arrived around 5:15am) and there’s now military stationed at the starting point until 6am turning people away. I guess just overnight but by the time he left we thought it might be too hot for a hike. We’ll try it another time!

    1. Hi Millie, many thanks for your comment and kind words. Regarding this hike, I received a comment from a hiker on Wikiloc that the military asked them to turn back. I did not know there is a time frame for when you can access the area. From your comment, it seems like you can hike after 6 am? I will have to come back and check it out. It is a beautiful hike, and it would be a shame if they closed it..

  6. This hike is permanently closed. We tried 15 Oct 2021 at 3:30pm and a local told us it is not allowed. There was border control posted further down the road.

    1. Thank you, Amy, I have updated the post. It is sad to hear this beautiful trail is no longer accessible.

  7. Hello Ausra… is this place open to public for hiking now ? Planning for this Eid Holidays… Please suggest any other spot, if not this…. Thanks.

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