Hatta dam hike UAE

Hatta “Secret” Canyon Hike, UAE

Hatta hikes are growing in popularity among outdoor lovers. While there are plenty of marked hiking trails, only a few people know about a secret Canyon hike just next to popular Hatta Dam.

Aerial view of “secret canyon” hike landscape in Hatta, UAE

The breathtaking scenery waiting for you on this short easy trail seems too good to be true. But it is totally true!


Hidden behind short steep climb over a rocky peak, a valley with cracked earth that looks like a maze opens up. You might feel like you have landed on another planet light-years away. When in the valley, you will find yourself following narrow paths that wind around that cracked surface. In some parts, trails will lead you down into that deep “river bed” and back up again. Enjoy this maze wander game (best done at sunset).

Textures from above

How to get to the Secret Canyon in Hatta?

The hike starts at Jeema Mineral Water Plant with a short walk in the wadi. In less than one kilometer you will reach a rocky hill. It is the only tough part to conquer in this trail. Watch for loose rocks while climbing 100 meters up. Only a few deep breaths and you will be on top of the peak overlooking an earlier mentioned canyon on one side and Hatta town on another.

A short walk in the wadi. Keep right.

NOTE: Along the way there are Spartan race trail markings that makes this trail even easier to follow.

Deep dry river bed snakes around the valley- you will have to find your way around it

You can keep on wandering around the valley until you reach the dam. We haven’t gone that far because we stopped for pictures and drone shots at the sunset time. After we finished our photoshoot, it was time to turn back as it started to get dark really fast.


If you get caught by darkness, be aware that you will have to climb back down that steep 100-meter hill. Make sure you have torchlight, otherwise it’s not gonna be fun to scramble down the mountain when its pitch-black.


I have recorded this trail on Wikiloc. Therefore, you can follow the link below to download the trail for easy navigation. You can install the Wikiloc Map on your mobile and follow it offline as well. You can also follow this link to access the interactive trail map: Hatta hike-secret canyon.

Powered by Wikiloc

When to hike to the secret canyon in Hatta?

The good news is that this hike is doable even during hot summer months. Surprisingly, temperatures in Hatta are cooler than in other parts of the UAE. Yet it is advisable to hike early morning or late evening if you go from June to September.

Take plenty of water and a few snacks. We had consumed 2.5 Liters per person on this 5 km hike during the summer. However, we took 5 liters per person just to be on a safe side.

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