1. Thank you for the detailed post. Those places look incredible, didn’t think all this exists in the UAE. I will definitely try to go on all those hiking trails soon. In terms of popularity, which one of the trails is the most and the least popular?

    1. Hi Aura, I am glad you got inspired to explore the natural side of the UAE. In terms of popularity, the most popular trail is Al Rabi Hiking trek as it is easily accessible and is basically in the town of Khor Fakkan. Another extremely popular (probably it receives a similar amount of visitors like to Al Rabi, but more adventurous ones) is Shawka Dam to Pools hike. It is very close to Dubai as well (~1hour drive). Hatta is the hotspot for the weekends as well, so is Jebel Jais. Therefore, the first 4 hiking trails are quite well known for nature-loving residents of the UAE. A less known location is Al Tayyibah, there were no other hikers on the day we went, you should definitely give it a go if you like quiet places. Or go very early and not on a Friday.

  2. jagdish y bhandarkar says:

    Hi Ausra, I have become a frequent visitor to your website and look forward to any new articles you have posted on new trails/hiking spots in UAE. Thanks to your detailed description on the Wadi Tayyibah (had never heard of this place) trail, I did this with my daughters in mid Jan and we also visited the Al Tayyibah Heritage Museum at the start of the trail. It was very quaint and we found Wadi Tayyibah to be quite pretty/picturesque. We had a lovely morning exploring it. Appreciate the level of details you incorporate in your write-ups; you have a fan in me.

    1. Hi Jagdish, thank you so much for your kind words! There is more to come, and I will be sharing them on my blog posts. I am glad you explored something new- I also found out about this place recently and happy to share it! Please subscribe to receive all the latest updates straight to your inbox 🙂

  3. Ausra your website is amazing. It is my go to site for anything to do with hiking in the UAE. Thank you for your consistent detailed information! What an incredible resource you have put together. Oh and I absolutely love your photos and videos.

    1. Hi Ghalia, thank you so much for your kind words and I am happy to hear you find it useful. I am going to check out your website as well, didn’t know you have one!

  4. Hi there….I’m a fan of hiking and I love your blog…I’m thinkin in goin to Ain Alsheira.. do you have GPS track???

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