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Let’s get your wanderlust awakened! Here I share travel guides and detailed itineraries that will help you save tons of time on planning your trip!

You will get information of both, known places and also destinations you might not have heard of yet. It can be anything:

A small charming town that is still off-tourist radar
A road trip around the country you hear about for the very first time (like Lithuania)
Scenic hikes and secluded beaches that only few locals know about
Less waked streets in a popular city which you though you've already heard all about it before

You will find destinations that evoke curiosity, sparkle creativity, have exciting culture and jaw-dropping natural scenery.

When planning a trip, I dig deep to find hidden gems. It means amazing spots which have not been flooded by mass tourism yet. That often means taking off-the-beaten path or traveling to less known locations and even countries. These places offer unfiltered cultural experiences and give a good taste of local lifestyle, as well as great photography opportunities.

Moreover, I share my honest and straightforward opinion about each destination I had traveled to. If I believe a particular location, activity, restaurant or hotel is fantastic and worth your time, I’ll tell you all about it. Also, if I did not get the right vibe being somewhere, I’ll definitely point it out and let you know why. In each post I put together all the information that I believe is a must know before you go. And of course all illustrated with PICTURES!


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Sunset at Showka Dam with thunders Ras Al Khaimah UAE Nikon Z6

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Wadi Shawka loop from dam to pools is a scenic hike only an hour drive from downtown Dubai. Follow this guide to know all you need about this great outdoor adventure.

Al Rabi Hiking trail in Khor Fakkan, UAE  

Al Rabi trail offers a great weekend gate away with fantastic views overlooking Khor Fakkan city, UAE. This is an easy hike suitable for the most of the age groups- family and friends.

Red Wall Hike in Wadi Naqab Ras Al Khaimah UAE

Red Wall hike in Wadi Naqab, UAE  

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