1. Hello your webpage is very informative. is there a group that I can join in with my friend? I want to join the hiking trail this coming UAE national holiday..

    1. Hi Mico, thank you for your kind words. I am glad you find some useful tips here. I always go hiking with my partner, never with the groups. Therefore, I am not sure if there is any for this particular hike. There used to be an app called MeetUp where random people can post an event, agree on a day and time and then head out for an outdoor activity together. Never tried it, but I’ve heard it can be a nice experience.
      Al Rabi trail is very well marked, you can be confident of doing it on your own, you won’t get lost. Also, you can expect a lot of other hikers doing this trail during the national day.

      1. Hi thanks for this. Are dogs allowed here if we take then for a hike? And anyone knows where we can camp around the area where dogs are allowed?

  2. Thank you for the very detailed write up, planning to go on Friday.

    1. You will enjoy it. Expect lots of people hiking on Friday, especially evening :)

  3. Sridhar Venkataraman says:

    A very detailed blog and hence very useful. Thank you for that. Is it advisable to go on this trail at wee hour of the morning (in dark) to see the sunrise? Is the path well lit?

    1. Hi Sridhar,

      Thank you for your comment. It is perfect to go in the morning to avoid the crowds but go just before sunrise. The path is not lit so you would have to carry a torch light. Have a nice hike!

  4. Hi. Thank you for the information. Is this good for solo hiker?
    Where did you travel from? How did you travel to get to the starting point?

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment. Yes Al Rabi trail is absolutely okay to do solo. It is close to the city (as you may see from the images in the blog) and the trail is very clear and well laid. I came from Dubai by car (regular sedan car). This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get there. I am not sure about public transport options though. But there might be buses going to Khor Fakkan town from Dubai too.

  5. Your post is so useful! Thanks for sharing.
    May I know where is the best spot to see sunrise? Is it at the summit or somewhere in the middle?

    1. Hi Ling, the best spot would be at the summit somewhere or alone the way where you already get the sea view as the sunrise is from the seaside :)

  6. jagdish y bhandarkar says:

    Your website is very nice and has terrific advise and tips for the users. After seeing the write up here on the Al Rabi Trail we decided to go for it. Thanks for all this.

    1. Hi Jagdish, I hope you enjoyed your hike at Al Rabi?

  7. Thanks for the detailed write up.We knew what exactly to expect ! Enjoyed the view and the trails.

    1. Hi Apna, thank you for your comment and I am glad you have enjoyed the hike.

  8. Hi your post is very informative but I would like to asky if there is any fees collected? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mjay, thank you for asking, never thought to include this information as all the hikes I know in the UAE are free, including Al Rabi Trail. Unless, you go on a guided tour, of course.

  9. Hi Ausra, do you have a saved trail on Wikiloc for Al Rabi. We used your Al Shawka dam to pool trail on the app and it was a big help.

    1. Hi Menino,

      I haven’t recorded Al Rabi trail yet. But not to worry, you do not need wikiloc for this trail, the path is very clear and there is nowhere to get lost :)

  10. I’m an experienced and strong walker. I walked this route earlier this year, with a friend who was two months ‘post-covid’.
    This walk is not easy(!) Where is your mention of GRADIENT / rate of climb?! I coped ok on the climb, but admittedly, was surprised by how aggressive the climb actually was. My friend, in good shape and under 40 (but as I say, post-covid), was physically destroyed by this walk – we had to seriously pace ourselves, and the were moments on the ascent where it felt like she was going to take a serious turn for the worse.
    There’s not much point in providing a vastly detailed blog of the route, if you then fail to classify the level of difficulty inaccurately/incorrectly, taking into account all levels of fitness, age, experience etc. People’s expectations, and safety, need to be respected when sharing this sort of info.

    1. Dear Andrew, thank you for your comment. Kindly note, this is not a walk but a hike. I have mentioned in the Difficulty section that elevation gain is still significant and should not be underestimated. I have taken your comment into consideration and updated the post with more notes on what to expect. Definitely, it always depends on a person’s fitness level how they see a hike, or and excersice. However, based on the average ratings for UAE trails, this trail is still considered an beginner/begginer plus one due to its distance and gradual elevation gain. Yes, there are a few steeper sections, but most of the trail is a gradual incline. Stay safe!

  11. khorfakkan ! waooo this is one of the most amazing and best attraction in sharjah uae,
    Must visit before die

    1. Kristelle says:

      Thank you for the blog. Been checking it out for awhile, was wondering if the designated camping spot is still around?

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