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Ausra | Creator

Thank you for stopping by to find out more about The Road Reel project!

I am Ausra, Lithuanian by passport, multicultural by blood, alien by mind. Born and raised in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania (best known for great basketball games and yummy potato dishes), I have always dreamt of life by the sea, never ending sunlight and hot temperatures. This dream was a little too intense (power of manifestations) and I ended up (for the time being) in Dubai - one of the hottest cities in the World with temperatures reaching +50 Celsius during long summer months.

Traveling has always been an important part of my life from an early age, thus passion and confidence for roaming the world grew stronger with years. Along the way my undercover creative part kicked in and joined me in a form of photography and later film making.

When not travelling, I am working as a freelance fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer and videographer. While my commercial and editorial work is regularly shared online and in print, thousands of travel images were piling up in hard drives for ages until The Road Reel blog was born.

Created by an independent traveler and photographer

for travelers

serving as a guide and inspiration

More about The Road Reel

The Road Reel was born after years of contemplation on creating a platform where I would put my travel experiences and knowledge about photography into use to help you plan your trips, learn new photo tricks and

get inspiration for a more exciting lifestyle.

I named The Road Reel as a reference to the ongoing visual journey. Travel experiences “on the road” (where “road” is not always a literal form of the cement highway) are shared with you through practical guides, personal

observations and all illustrated (because our minds think in pictures) with colorful scenery and often smiling faces.

The new beginnings amidst the chaos

The Road Reel blog was born during very uncertain and challenging times- a breakthrough of very much unwelcomed pandemic. Just as most of us around the world, being locked down in an apartment in UAE, I have 24 hours and 7 days a week to finally sit down and transfer to the digital pages knowledge about two things that I am most passionate about - travel and photography. Inshaalah (as we say here in The Middle East), as soon as borders open for travelling, you will have some great ideas for your next trip and ready to shoot away the best pictures of your live.

Train from ella to colombo in sri lanka fog mist

How I travel

Far-flung locations are what I go after when travelling: whether it is a less known country, small

intriguing local neighborhood in a big city, villages tucked away from tourist crowds or a remote

hike in country usually associated with futuristic cities (yes UAE is more than just a sparkling side

of Dubai which is still awesome).


I always plan my trips using information and opinions shared by other travelers (mainly blogs).

Digging for the hidden gems away from tourist traps is my thing- I simply enjoy it almost as much

as travelling itself.

I love taking public transport to get into a rhythm of a local life (trains are the best), self-drive to remote

locations and get on to off-the-beaten track, go on scenic hikes, have occasional day at the beach filling

up my vitamin D tank and getting that healthy looking tan.

Food at a local restaurant/ home stay and a good coffee is a joy and perfect meal plan while travelling.

I don’t do museums (unless it’s Salvador Dali) but I love street art.

Long and sometimes challenging hikes in the remote mountain plateaus is an ultimate choice for an

active nature experience and a weekend habit while in the UAE where I currently reside. Small town

by the sea is an ideal choice for a little break during intense journey as well as a perfect retirement plan

(in Italy, for example).

Spontaneity is always welcome in my well scheduled travel itinerary. When a trip is time sensitive,

having a framework of daily activities and places to visit allows me to fully enjoy the trip and improvise

when I feel like it.

Photography while on the road

I treat photo equipment as an extension of my hand and the best travel companion. Moreover, travelling

is the reason I started photography, thus those two are inseparable.

Local people in their surroundings and street life are the main subjects during my trips. The most

amazing landscapes look even better with a human figure framed in there. If I can’t get a local one,

I might include myself from time to time (remote hikes).

As I say, there is no bad light or weather to make your photograph shine, and no rules that are

an absolute truth when composing your shots. I will be talking about common and unusual approaches

to image creation in Photography section.

I fly drones-the best consumer-level technology invention in the past decade. It opened up new perspectives

and gave so much space for creativity by allowing to take a shot or a film from the bird view.

I do photo manipulations which I use as a medium to recreate locations I have visited before. Imagine

that planet Earth has no atmosphere and travel to space is possible just from the edge of a cliff-

I love the idea of intergalactic travel- universe always fascinated me, thus sometimes I put it into play in my

animated images.

Please be welcomed into the world I see through

my lens- fictional or as real as it gets.

Liwa rail drone shot desert united arab emirates

Navigating The Road Reel

All the articles can be found in the BLOG.

TRAVEL section contains writing and photography about different destinations as well as detailed itineraries for selected locations. I love creating a good trip plan before I travel and adjust it on the go if necessary. Thus, all my recommended itineraries are the output of precise research and an actual experience that I have enjoyed myself.

PHOTOGRAPHY page has many topics on how to better your imagery skills while travelling and in general. All the tips and tricks I share are accumulated through years of actively photographing people and places.


I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about traveling, photography, trip ideas or media inquiries, send me an email to [email protected]

Leave comments and questions on my blog posts, I will be happy to respond.

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