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Welcome to The Road Reel

If you are visiting The Road Reel, most likely you are a travel addict who might also be a camera maniac. Travel and photography are two inseparable passions of yours and you are willing to make the most out of each of them.

Now you have just landed to the destination where you will find resources, tips and advice both about travelling to less explored places as well as many useful and sometimes unusual travel photography tips that will help you grow your imagery skills and inspire to create while travelling more.

Who is behind The Road Reel ?

Hey, I am Ausra- a lucid space traveler and obsessive visualist who turned her passion for photography into a full-time profession and lust for traveling into a seasonal lifestyle.

While getting most of my inspirations from fellow travelers and visual story tellers, I was contemplating on creating a platform where I would place over 10 years of travel and photography experience to serve you as a helpful guide that will make your journey easier and photo experience more enjoyable.

I started The Road Reed to inspire anyone who loves traveling, wants to know how to travel independently, as well someone who appreciates photography and would love to deepen their knowledge.

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